Happy New Year!!!

Dear Phase 3 Neighbors,

Happy New Year! We hope that you were able to enjoy some down time with your friends and families over the holidays.

By now, you should have received the coupon for the 2018 assessment towards the latter half of December. The payment is due January 20. The dues went up $70 this year ($5.84/month) to $447.50. This increase will go towards the beautification of the main thoroughfares throughout Phase 3 as well as line of sight improvements to enhance the aesthetics when driving through the community. The property values in Carrollwood Village are higher than the surrounding communities because of the care that is taken in the maintenance of our common grounds, parks and playgrounds as well as the feeling of "community" that we hope you enjoy. Please keep in mind that all of the common areas, parks, playgrounds, tennis courts, basketball courts, and exercise equipment are the private property of Carrollwood Village Phase 3 homeowners and the use of these areas is strictly for the use by residents and their invited guests. Your homeowners association dues cover the cost of the maintenance, upkeep and replacement. Another benefit that we all enjoy is our sixteen (16) hours per day community patrol which is on site from 7:00AM to 11:00PM to respond quickly when an issue arises or someone/something does not "look right".

We would like to share with you where the increase funds were spent and how the additional funds will be spent in 2018. These items are in addition to the cost of services and maintenance increasing:

In 2017 the following items were accomplished:

1. The re-landscaping of all sub-division entrances was completed;

2. The old street signs were replaced with new posts and signs along West Village, Burrington and Sussex Drives;

3. The main entrances at West Village Drive and Ehrlich Road & Burrington Drive & Ehrlich Road were lit (the lights came on the week before Christmas);

4. The entrance at Cypress Trace was lit (the lights came on the week before Christmas);

5. The entrance at Stonegate is in the process of being lit;

6. Two (2) Expression Swings were installed at the park;

7. Ten (10) new trees were planted;

8. Numerous dead trees were removed, stumps ground and new sod laid (in some areas this required repairs to the walls from root damage);

9. We did a major clean up after hurricane Irma;

10. A new website was developed and email communication to residents was implemented;

11. We defeated plans for a rezoning at West Village Commons Shopping Center for a 1,054 student charter school;

12. A traffic calming plan with the Florida Highway Patrol was implemented and monitored;

13. Six (6) benches and trash cans were installed along the common area sidewalks;

14. Enhancement of the plantings along the common areas;

15. Installed 3 new halogen street lights at Burrington Drive at Ehrlich Road and along Burrington Drive to Cypress Trace;

16. Implemented the quarterly planting of colorful annuals at the two (2) main entrances;

17. In partnership with the other two homeowner associations and the Carrollwood Cultural Center there were at least six (6) HOA sponsored events for residents (i.e. community garage sale, wine tasting event, movie night, Blues & BBQ, Community run, Monthly Saturday market);

18. The algae growth in the ponds in 2017 was also kept under much better control.

The Plans for 2018 include:

1. Install lighting at four (4) to (6) entrances/year until all entrances are lit;

2. Install new street signs on the interior streets;

3. Enhancement/major repair of fence at tennis court;

4. Traffic calming;

5. Tree replacement;

6. Dead tree removal (primarily Laurel Oaks and Pine Trees);

7. Part 2 of the Communications update;

8. Planning for the strong possibility of an appeal for the rezoning of West Village Commons Shopping Center to support a 1,054 student charter school;

9. Increased number and diversity of HOA sponsored events with the Carrollwood Cultural Center;

10. Enhancement of plantings thru-out the common areas and thoroughfares;

In using the Bureau of Labor Statistics Inflation Calculator, had our assessment kept up with just cumulative inflation of 199.5% from the inception of the community in 1980 thru 2017, the assessment would be at approximately $658.98 per year. We are still a bargain at $447.50 per year, especially considering the assessments in other similar sized communities. This is where our annual dues need to be in order to keep the community looking first rate with amenities to attract and retain residents. Our community is aging and we need to re-invest in its amenities and beauty. On a positive note, the County will be repaving Sussex Way, Wolcott and their cul-de-sacs sometime this fiscal year 2018.

The Phase 3 Board of Directors:

• Bill West
• Dan Martucci
• Susan Gerig
• Suzanne Fernandez
• Frank Mazzie
• Mike Jenkins
• Phil Clark
• Marlene Harper
• Jana Jenkins