Carrollwood Village Phase II Homeowners Association, Inc.
4131 Gunn Highway
Tampa, FL 33618

April 24, 2019

Dear Avista Homeowner,

Your Architectural Control Committee has hired Specialized Property Services to repaint the Avista interior boundary walls as part of their recurring program to maintain these surfaces. Specialized Property Services has tentatively scheduled to begin this process on Monday, May 6, 2019 and will start by pressure cleaning the walls and wall tops. Included with this letter is a map of Avista showing their tentative schedule and dates which is color coded.

We are asking for your help in this process to please cut back any vegetation you may have on the outside of the boundary walls to your property so that we may effectively paint behind the plants. Vines will not be touched or removed. If you have any questions, please contact Van Chandler, at 813-936- 4113 or via email at or Sonja Seery, at 813-936-4125 or via email at

Kindest regards,

Van Chandler, CAM