Phase II Board of Directors

Why do we have a board of directors?

The association has responsibility for its common elements as well as the management and operation of the association’s business affairs, all in accordance with standards established by the governing documents created when our community was first developed. To the extent that an association has such authority and control, it is its board of directors that carries out these duties and responsibilities.

Members of the Carrollwood Village Homeowners Association Phase II, Inc. board of directors serve without compensation. The board’s authority includes all of the powers and duties enumerated in general law, as long as these powers are not inconsistent with the provisions of the documents governing the association.

Adrian Madhosingh
Community: Bradcliff
Committee(s): Executive Committee, Architectural Review Committee, Bradcliff
Victor Kormanik
Vice President
Community: Avista Committee(s): Landscape / Millennium Garden Park
Sharon Danaher
Community: Clubside
Committee(s): Community Patrol, Welcome Committee, Architectural Review Committee, Clubside
Joseph Hanson
Community: Banbury
Committee(s): Architectural Review Committee, Banbury
Sandy Owens
Community: Village Towers
Jackie Campbell
Community: Lennox Committee Chair: Communications, Architectural Review Committee, Welcome Committee, Lennox
Bill O'Brien
Community: Pepperrell Committee(s): Patrol
Russell Stone
Community: Banbury Committee(s): Ponds
Bill Demare
Community: Committee(s): Carrollwood Cultural Center, Carrollwood Park Conservancy

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