Neighbors by Ring

In Community News by R Drummond

The chair of Phase 1 Safety Committee, Scott Thomas hosted a meeting for interested residents regarding a new “Neighborhood Watch” technology. Ring Neighborhood is a good “security layer” for people who enjoy technology, have smart phones, and are comfortable with wi-fi. Scott said there are about 600 Ring cam owners in the Village. The test program is comprised of 6 families on one street.

The RING technology cannot replace the Community Patrol in the common areas. A smart phone is required for the app as
is a doorbell video cam. The Ring doorbell monitors the front door, the front porch and part of the street in front of the house that are unobstructed by landscaping using a wide angle lens.

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There are three ways to monitor and join the Neighbors by Ring Carrollwood Village Watch program.


Download the Neighbors by Ring app and set the parameters for alerts to come to you on your smart phone. You can set the area you want to receive alerts from by mapping out only Carrollwood Village. When anyone within the Village sends an alert for a suspicious person, lost animal, or a stray solicitor, the alert comes to you, too. You can also filter what type of alerts you want.

$3 Monthly

With a video cam doorbell, you can monitor your porch, and front area and receive alerts on your smart phone. Again, you can set the filter for what type alerts you want (filter out dogs, cat crossing your yard, etc.)

About $10 Monthly

You can be connected with Ring monitoring services.
The Hillsborough County Sheriffs Office (HCSO) is an app that, when you send an alert through Neighborhood Ring, the HCSO receives the alert and can act on it. If they receive several alerts regarding the same thing, that helps immensely in generating a response from HCSO. In sending alerts, you can take pictures or videos within the app and send them with the alert.

Amazon Ring discounts on all products by $25 for Carrollwood Village residents on all pieces over a certain cost.

You might want to download the Neighbors by Ring app and check it out. The Power Point presentation is attached and there are several excellent YouTube videos. If you have a question for Scott Thomas you may reach him thru the resources tab, Phase 1 Board of Directors on