Mosquito Prevention

In Community News by R Drummond

Did you know that standing water around your home can support the breeding of mosquitoes? Mosquitoes breed by laying eggs in and near standing water. As little as one teaspoon or bottle cap of water standing for more than one week is enough for mosquitoes to breed and multiply. Additionally, many bothersome mosquitoes typically only travel a few hundred feet from their breeding site.

You can help stop mosquitoes from breeding by using these tips:

• At least once a week, empty, turn over or cover anything that could hold water: tires, buckets, toys, pools and pool covers, birdbaths, trash containers, recycling bins, boat or car covers, roof gutters, coolers, and pet dishes.

• Discard old tires, drums, bottles, cans, pots and pans, broken appliances, and other items that may collect water.

• Put away items that are outside and not being used because they could hold standing water.

• Keep flower pots and saucers free of standing water. Some plants, such as bromeliads, hold water in their leaves—flush out water-holding plants with your hose once a week.

• Maintain swimming pools in good condition and chlorination.

For more tips on preventing or reducing mosquitoes, visit You can also report a mosquito-related issues to Hillsborough County Mosquito Control by calling (813) 635-5400.

The Department of Health has also created a kid-specific campaign called Spill the Water! at that has great information for families.

Download the CDC Mosquito Prevention Guide Here