Sweetbay / West Village Shopping Center / Charter School Rezoning Battle! Call to Action!

September 25th, 2017

Your Voice Makes A Difference!

Attached is the results of the Zoning Hearing Master in regards to the rezoning major modification MM17-0630 to create a 1050 student school in the former Sweetbay Shopping Center.

As expected the ZHM approved the change, despite the 4 public and 2-3 charters schools already impacting this small already congested area of our community. (Actually have 9 charter schools in a 2 mile radius!). However it’s now our turn. The Board of County commissioners will rule on this Major Modification Tuesday October 10th at 9am.(Mark this on your calendar today!)

Plan to defeat this is as follows:

• Start another e-mail/writing campaign to the County Commissioners the week prior to the hearing- important that we concentrate our effort during this time period. Another reminder will be sent out on October 2nd.

• We must show up to the hearing en mass. This is a challenge given the time and day but we absolutely must do this! Once again our HOA will charter a large bus leaving out of the Cultural Center Tuesday morning. Will provide another announcement.

• For those of you receiving this e-mail- we need help getting this word out. We do not have a complete e-mail list of all those who have participated to date. We need you to contact as many folks as possible. Please send this e-mail along. More will be set out on this action item.

• If you spoke at the ZHM hearing, or I believe if you submitted a written notification to the hearing master, you can apply to speak at the BOCC hearing. Please fill out the last two pages of the “Request For Oral Argument” this is due by this Monday 5PM- (9/25) -my form is attached for review. While we are taking the advice of our lawyers and consultants as to whom will speak and what will be said, and we want to be concise, having many sign up and then offer their minutes to the cause may help. Our consultant with many years of experience in these matters says it’s the turn out that matters more than what is said. The goal is a huge turn out and to be respectful towards the commissioners by providing as short and concise an argument as possible.

It is now up to us to defeat this proposal that if approved clearly will negatively affect our quality of life, safety, and home values while at the same time only providing a substandard, unsafe location for 1050 students.

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