Security Watch Request

If you would like to request a special watch in your absence, for vacation or in the event of suspicious community activity, please choose the appropriate Phase procedure below:

Phase 1 – Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office – VACATION WATCH ONLY

At the last regular Board of Directors meeting, the Board of Directors unanimously decided to reallocate funds from the Community Patrol to our efforts to reduce speeding and to implement our Village Revitalization efforts. HCSO only accepts Vacation Only requests. Please download and complete the following request form: [ DOWNLOAD FORM HERE ]

This form will need to be dropped off in person at the District 3 office in Citrus Park at 7202 Gunn Hwy, Tampa, FL 33625. PLEASE DO NOT COMPLETE THE FORM BELOW IF YOU RESIDE IN PHASE 1 AS THEY WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.


Check One: Phase IIPhase III

Village Name:

Today's Date:

Your Name:

Your Address:

Phone #:

Alt Phone #:

Email Address:

Duration Of Watch

Start Date:
Time (am/pm):
End Date:
Time (am/pm) :

Party to be Called in case of Emergency

Emergency Name:
Emergency Address:

Emergency Phone #:
Alt Phone #:

Emergency Email:
House Key Available?  YesNo

Alarm System? YesNo
If Yes, Does Emergency Party Have Code to Deactivate/Rearm Alarm? YesNo

Exterior Lights on Timers? YesNo
If Yes, Between the Hours of (time am/pm) to (time am/pm)

Interior Lights on Timers? YesNo
If Yes, Between the Hours of (time am/pm) to (time am/pm)

Are Visitors Expected While You Are Away? YesNo

If Yes, List Individual(s) & Phone Numbers:

Will There be Car(s) in the Driveway? YesNo How Many:

If Yes, Please List All Make(s), Model(s) and Color(s):

Other Info:


(Enter Characters Below)

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