September 2015 / October 2015

As you may have noticed recently, certain trees throughout Carrollwood Village have been marked with ribbons. This is part of an on-going project with landscape designers to cut away dead wood to prevent infestations, wood rot and open the tree canopy to light which will promote leaf growth allowing the tree to property feed itself with sugars produced via photosynthesis.


The FC Tampa Rangers (ACoT) have finalized their 2015-2016 schedules which have been posted on our website. Registration must be done online at and email any questions to  

On July 15, 2015 residents received a Zoning Hearing Officer “Letter of Notice” and application for the major modification to PD-CN 84-0285 (Original filing) at Village Corners located at the southwest intersection of South and West Village Drives for a full service car wash beside the convenience store. The application was filed with the County on June 3, 2015 and there are two hearings: one on September 21, 2016 at 6PM at the Board of County Commissioners Board Room before the Zoning Hearing Master and the other on November 10, 2015 at the same location before the Board of County Commissioners. Interested parties should plan on attending these meetings. 


Commissioner Ken Hagan had the Town Hall meeting at the Carrollwood Cultural Center on September 9th at 6:30pm to 8:30pm. There were approximately 100 interested persons in attendance. The Commissioner spoke to the audience for approximately 10 minutes and then fielded a few questions from the audience. Commissioner Hagan stated in his opening remarks that he has never seen in his twelve (12) years of service on the County Commission the level of commitment that the Carrollwood Community has exhibited and that with this level of community participation, it makes the Commission’s job much easier in making a project of this size a reality. He also indicated that the allocation of $2.8 million to acquire the wastewater treatment plant is included in the 2016 budget and it is going to happen. The Commissioner stated that he was hoping that the Parks and Recreation Department could acquire the property at the price it paid some forty (40) years ago verses what the going market price might be (taking monies from one pocket and placing it in the other). A resident of the Village asked the Commissioner if the HOA’s were going to have to financially support the park and the Commissioner stated that was not in the equation, although he did caution that building the park was one thing, but sustaining it is something else. The next hurtle would be what kind of ongoing management and maintenance would be required to sustain the park and his hope was that there could be some kind of “hybrid” management of the facility similar to what the Carrollwood Cultural Center has in effect. There will be some other Town Hall meetings planned for the future. FONWRP is taking a lead role park oversight. Those who would like to voice their opinion about the Park and have any ideas for amenities can copy and paste this web link into their browser and fill out the form online:


Dale Mabry Diversion Project Lane Closure Work Notice – dated 09/01/15 

Traffic Alert: Lane Closures Along Citrus Park Drive 

Beginning Sept. 8, 2015, the inside eastbound and westbound lanes of Citrus Park Drive will be closed between Sheldon Road and Citrus Park Town Center Boulevard. This six‐week lane closure is necessary to install new wastewater and reclaimed water pipelines in the area. Motorists traveling in this area should expect slow traffic and exercise caution during these activities. For motorist safety, the work area within the closed inside lanes will be separated by barricades from open travel lanes. This work is part of the Dale Mabry Wastewater Diversion Project. Motorists and residents can expect to see contractor employees and heavy equipment along the project corridor in and around Citrus Park Drive and Gunn Highway. Pipe will be staged in the median along Citrus Park Drive, dewatering systems will be installed, and crews will begin directional drilling under Sheldon Road near Fawn Ridge. The Dale Mabry Wastewater Diversion Project is part of the Northwest Hillsborough Wastewater Consolidation Program, which will retire two aging wastewater plants and consolidate treatment at the Northwest Regional Water Reclamation Facility. The program will improve wastewater service in northwest Hillsborough County, improve reliability and save money for all County customers. The Dale Mabry project includes building a new force main to divert wastewater flows from the Dale Mabry Wastewater Treatment Plant to the Northwest facility. A new reclaimed water main will also be installed to return reclaimed water to the Dale Mabry site. Once the pipelines are installed, the aging Dale Mabry Wastewater Treatment Plant will be retired. For more information on the Dale Mabry project, go to or call Alice Ramos at 863‐797‐7202.  

Project Schedule   

Phase A: Gunn Highway/Citrus Park Drive 

• Citrus Park Blvd. between Sheldon Rd. and Veterans Expy.    Sept. – Nov. 2015 

• Gunn Hwy. between Veterans Expy. and Lynn Turner Rd.     Nov. 2015 – May 2016 

Phase B: West of Sheldon Road 

• Utility corridor between Sheldon Rd. and Fawn Ridge Park    Sept. 2015 – Feb. 2016  
• Utility corridor between Fawn Ridge Park and the Northwest Reclamation Facility    Feb. – May 2016  

Phase C: Carrollwood Village  

• Gunn Hwy. between Lynn Turner Rd. and Waltham Ave.*  
• Waltham Ave. between Gunn Hwy. and Salem St.*  
• Salem St. between Waltham Ave. and Pittsfield Ave.  
• Pittsfield Ave. between Salem St. and Dale Mabry plant  

Seven (7) members attended the FONWRP meeting for September with three (3) or four (4) interested parties. The project is slated to cost $2.8 Million with a total expenditure of $3.2 million including design and survey costs. Tom Rawls (Project Manager) attended and was incredibly helpful as to how FONWRP could contribute in an advisory capacity as the park develops and through its life span. FONWRP should continue partnering as advisors with Parks and Recreation running the day to day operations including security, maintenance and office staff. The current wastewater treatment office building will not demolished, but kept for staff usage. A Manatee rescue area is on the front burner to take stress of Lowry parks manatee rehab program. Suggested operations and fund raising by FONWRP was considered as a 501-c3 tax free status; this is currently under discussion. This regional park is to be the center piece of all one-hundred (100) county parks. Land purchase is scheduled for 2016 with price of land to hopefully reflect prices of forty (40) years ago. Park is passive, with no athletic complex. Complete utility demolition is scheduled no later than Dec. 2016. HOA’s do not appear to be sourced for increased fees. There is no contamination on the site. Entrance site still not clear as to whether Village Drive or Delwood will be used. Lastly, Tom Rawls is available for tours of the park area if required. He was very excited and knowledgeable as project director and resident of the Original Carrollwood. The next FONWRP meeting is October 5, 2015 at 5:30pm sharp at the Carrollwood Cultural Center. 


VISTA Gardens Fall Festival – The first annual VISTA Gardens Fall Festival is scheduled for Saturday, November 7 from 2:00 – 6:00 p.m.  


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