Carrollwood Cultural Center

Where Culture Meets the Community

What is the Carrollwood Cultural Center?

It’s where a 5-year-old girl discovers that she’s an artist, a 70-year-old man discovers he’s a musician, a 35-year-old woman learns ballet and a family grows stronger by sharing the stage together.

It’s the banquet hall where Anna married Luis. It’s the meeting room where Jennifer launched her career. It’s the stage where Oliver found a family and a Music Man traded swindling for love.

The Carrollwood Cultural Center is much more than a building. It’s the place where strangers become friends and friends become family.

Above all, it’s a place where a community came together to prove—and continue to prove–that ordinary citizens can, through their labors and generosity, determine the culture of the place in which they live out their lives.

See what others are saying about Carrollwood Cultural Center

“The Cultural Center has been a source of inspiration and learning for both of my children. I want to be sure that you know how grateful my husband and I are that the Center exists, and that it provides such excellent classes.” Deborah H. Owens

“Having just relocated to the Tampa Bay area, I was delighted to join the Adult Chorus, led by a professional, enthusiastic and talented artist/ director. The CCC has now become an integral part of my life here. From the art displays and diversity of classes and programs, to the clean functional facilities, to the group of talented contributors, to the multigenerational approach to education and the arts, the CCC has something for everyone. I applaud the contribution of all who make the CCC possible for our local community today as well as preserving the arts for future generations.” Sandy Yosha

“Band rehearsal this fall on Monday nights has really been a highlight for me during the week! It has been over 35 years since I have performed in a ‘community band.’ The music is fun to play and soothing to the soul. Having a wide range of ages in the group proves that music knows no age. I would hope we could get more people to join in on the fun as we enter 2010.” Dave Fredericks

“The Carrollwood Cultural Center is truly an artistic gem in our community. The scope of courses and performances is extraordinary for such a young institution. Instructors with passion about imparting their knowledge are a valuable asset to this organization. We are blessed to have this high quality cultural center in our North Tampa backyard. Judy Raab

“I hadn’t played drums in 40 years, and it has been fun to get back into percussion. This second year is easier than the first and it is fun to be part of a creative group!” Carol Shephard

“I’m no musician but since I started with New Horizon I’ve learned to read music and meet special people.” Laddy Alvarez

I knew I was hooked and intrigued from my first visit…At that time I decided to join the community Chorus and also enroll in a candy making class. I look forward to coming on Monday evenings to sing my heart out and have fun with the group.” Lisa Clementi

“The Carrollwood Cultural Center has provided me with countless hours of enjoyment learning, fun and friendship. Congratulations to you and the Center for your very successful first two years. My wish is that you continue to provide the community with these amazing opportunities. I will do all that I can to support you in this endeavor.” Nancy Manning

“As a new music student in my retirement years, bringing New Horizons to the CCC has given me a wonderful opportunity to learn to play music in a group setting. I hope to join the CCC Community Band in the future, and the New Horizons Band is excellent training for this. I’m really enjoying this experience, including meeting new friends with similar interests.” H. Ronald Manning

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